A proud race, the Dragonborn are perhaps misunderstood in world society. The story of their uplifting has served as a cautionary tale to the more inquisitive and experimental races. They are an angry people, as they feel the punishment for the Dragonborn Rebellions was unduly harsh. They still feel a great animosity toward Tieflings, and they aren’t fond of the Dwarves.

They are a warrior race. This leads many to dismiss them as a race of bloodthirsty brutes. This is a reputation that many individuals thrill in living down to, but as a whole the people are far from bloodthirsty. They view war as an art form and work to cultivate their skill.

The Dragonborn have no large central government. They are organized into clans led by the strongest warrior. They have few colonies left, and many have withdrawn to their home island. Most that leave seek employment as mercenaries, and are some of the most feared opponents on the field of battle. Frequently, the presence of a dozen Dragonborn mercenaries is enough to deter violence at all.

Magic users are rare. Wizards are almost unheard of, but sorcerers are sometimes born with a great measure of power. These Dragonborn frequently become clan leaders due to their power, and a Dragonborn hatched with magical talent is considered auspicious.

Divine power is harnessed by the Dragonborn. The users are respected for their dedication to mastering a craft, but religion as a whole is not widespread through the race.

Dragonborn prefer shamanistic traditions. The gods had little to do with their creation, so they view themselves as creatures of the natural world.

Psionics are viewed much as the wielders of divine powers.

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