A proud and militarily-minded race, the Dwarves are the staunch protectors of the Council. Dwarven admirals have masterminded the greatest military endeavors the Council has ever engaged in. The Dwarves comprise the largest portion of the Council Fleet.

Every Dwarf serves a term in the military when they come of age. Many elect to become “lifers.”

On the Council, the Dwarves usually serve as the voice of security and push the other races to take military action when they believe it necessary. This isn’t to say they seek battle; rather the opposite. They abhor violence, preferring acts of creation to destruction. They merely respect the power to defend oneself.

Outside of the Council, the Dwarves are governed by the Dwarven Hierarchy, a strict meritocracy. All of Dwarven society is ranked. The Gnomes are considered a patron race of the Hierarchy. They are technically members of the Hierarchy, but only at the lower levels. Military service is required to progress to the highest levels. One may only advance per a recommendation from a direct superior. If a Dwarf is advanced before they can handle the responsibilities of the next rank, they are demoted. This carries no social stigma. The sting is instead borne by the superior who promoted someone before they were ready.

The Dwarves frequently butt heads with the Human Alliance, politically. The two races have shared a tense rivalry since the Relay 314 Incident, or First Contact with Humanity. The Dwarves view the Humans as too brash and informal, but they do respect their military prowess and colonization efforts.

Dwarves frequently take to adventure as a way to personal glory in a society that deemphasizes the self. They also enjoy working with other races and attempting to learn how they approach military endeavors.

The Dwarves have a strong affinity for the gods, particularly Moradin. Wielders of divine power are greatly respected.

Magic is rare among the Dwarves. They appreciate spellcraft, but many prefer to pursue the path of the artificer rather than the wizard.

Primal power is considered strange by Dwarven society. Some harken to the notion that Dwarves are carved from the rock, and seek to attune themselves with nature, but these are outliers in Dwarven society.

Psionics are generally distrusted by Dwarves. Some orders of monks are tolerated, but generally only the more religiously minded orders.

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