This serene and wise race frequently serves as the cooler heads of the Council. They are the consummate diplomats, always seeking a nonviolent solution when possible. Their long lifespans inform their ideals, which aren’t always well received by the other races.

Outside of the Council, the Eladrin lack a singular governmental body, but are governed at the local level, organizing into city-states. All city-states are bound by Council law.

The Eladrin are closely tied to the Feywild. This lends them an otherworldly air.

Eladrin wizards and sorcerers are some of the most powerful creatures in the Middle Creation. All Eladrin are born with some capacity for magic, but those that choose to harness it are greatly respected.

Eladrin are less religiously minded than the other races. They sometimes follow divine paths, but typically less out of reverence and more as a means to a power, approaching it as they approach the study of the arcane.

Eladrin who pursue the primal paths typically do so more as a way to get in touch with their fey heritage. They seek to transcend the Middle Creation, more than protect it.

Psionics are regarded much as wizards or proponents of the divine. The Eladrin respect any who develop power through study.

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